Exam Advice

Passing your objective test

Do’s and don’ts If you feel that you need some direction when it comes to preparing for, and passing, your objective test exam, have a look at our ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ and get yourself on track.


Do find a study method that works for you – think about where, how and when you can study.

Do create a good study plan – you need to have a good understanding of all syllabus topics. The Study Planner will help you cover all areas.

Do book your exam in advance – having a date to work towards will motivate and focus you.

Do practice exam-style questions – you can purchase CIMA Aptitude and Exam Practice Kits.

Do have a strategy for how you will approach the exam questions – watch our video about time management and exam techniques in the OT exams for more guidance.

Do familiarise yourself with the exam software before the big day – make sure you know what to expect during your exam. In the revision topic of the Study Planner there are links to Question Tutorials to help you.

Do find out which tables and formulae will be provided in your assessment


Don’t put off taking your exam – when you feel ready, go for it! Read this article and find out if you are ready.

Don’t worry if you need to re-sit – read this blog for guidance on preparing for your re-sit exam.

Don’t get too anxious about taking your exam – lots of CIMA students have been in your position and are successfully passing exams!

Don’t forget to celebrate when you pass!

Good luck!