Key exam updates

The 2019 Professional Qualification continues to bridge the skills gap of newly qualified finance professionals worldwide, meeting the employability needs of both business and people. As part of the 2019 Professional Qualification and its continued roll-out, we will update this page with key updates and FAQs which will ensure you are able to continue your studies without disruption.

Objective Test Results from November 2019

Whilst we begin to deliver exam results for the 2019 Professional Qualification in November, for an interim period exam results information will look a little different. You will receive one of the following grades:

  • pass
  • fail
  • marginal fail (an indication of closeness to passing)
  • proficient/not proficient (sectional feedback)

You won’t immediately be provided with a scaled score mark.*

We feel it is best to share your result straight away with you, rather than having to wait several months as we build the data set needed to give you a statistically verified scaled score mark.* Providing results straight away will allow you to make decisions on your next steps and move swiftly through the Professional Qualification towards earning your CGMA designation.

Once we build a data set robust enough to be able to offer a fair scaled score mark, we will begin publishing scores for exams going forward.

*Your result will be determined using an assessment industry standard methodology to ensure they are fair, rigorous and robust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you updating the CIMA Professional Qualification? The CIMA Professional Qualification is still fit for purpose but changes are required to keep up to speed with our rapidly evolving profession. We keep our members and students at the forefront of business throughout their careers, and regularly update our qualifications and learning resources to deliver the competencies employers tell us they need in the modern business world.

Has the structure of the qualification changed? No. The structure of the qualification remains the same - 3 pillars, 3 levels with 9 Objective Tests and 3 Case Study Exams.

Has the format of the exams changed? No. 3 Objective Tests and 1 Case Study exam make up each level of the qualification.</p>

When are the first exams under the updated syllabus?

  • The first Objective Test exams will be available to sit from 4 November 2019 (2015 OTs will cease on 3 November 2019)
  • The first Case Study exam window will be in February 2020

Will exams be easier or harder? Our exams and assessment will continue to follow existing educational principles. They remain as rigorous as the current ones and we don’t foresee any significant impact on pass rates. The newly introduced exam blueprints bring more transparency and clarity on what’s examinable to help you better prepare for exams and be more confident when entering the exam room.

If I am currently studying the qualification, what should I aim to do in 2019? If you are currently studying the CIMA Professional Qualification, please check our transition planner for personalised advice.

Will credit be applied for exams already taken? You will receive credits for any exams that you already passed.

What if I fail an exam under the current syllabus and need to re-take it under the updated syllabus?

  • For Objective Test exams, you will need to familiarise yourself with the changes in content prior to starting your preparations for the exam.
  • We have identified the subjects which have the most significant changes and created a great selection of online courses to help you transition smoothly between the 2015 and the 2019 syllabus.
  • If you fail the Case Study exam in the November 2019 window you will have one final chance to sit the current exam under a special re-sit window in February 2020, using the same pre-seen material.